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Ariel, a little-known car brand, but one that has turned many people's heads, an original manufacturer that has been able to create cars that break away from all the automotive codes we are used to seeing on the market. Ariel started in 1870 with 48-inch bicycles and ended with the car models we know today. The small manufacturer has always made its way outside the box, Ariel has always innovated both in design and technology. Having started at the beginning of the mechanical era, Ariel today essentially offers vehicles reserved for the "extreme" by producing the most powerful vehicles in the world. From bicycles to motorcycles, from quadricycles to sports cars, Ariel remains unique. In 1870, the story begins in Birmingham with 2 men, James Starley and his associate William Hillman with the famous bicycles. They were the first to use steel spoke wheels and then the development of a new all-metal frame that was previously made of wood. Thus, production and sales of their new bicycles began in 1871. Shortly after, one of the partners, Hillman, left the venture, but Starley continued the production. From a 48-inch "penny farthing" bike with the first patented spoked wheel in 1870 to the iconic vehicles of today, Ariel has always put design and innovation at the forefront of development. Synonymous with the history of the automotive industry from the earliest days of transportation, Ariel now thrives as a manufacturer of unique vehicles as well as the fastest and most exciting vehicles in the world. From bicycles to motorcycles, from quadricycles to sports cars, Ariel remains unique. A 150 year old heritage with a truly 21st century focus. The story of Ariel and the automobile only began in the 2000s, when Ariel ltd bought the Ariel name known for its motorcycles. Today, each Ariel is built by a technician who takes it from assembly to road test. The brand with British origins has a great advantage, being a small manufacturer because it brings a real know-how and a quality of manufacture, in addition to being the only ones to produce this type of sports car, their production is in very limited quantity, the small last one, Ariel Atom V4 will be produced to only 100 specimens in the world.