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At the beginning of the brand, BMW marketed vehicles with a rather sporty character with, for example, the 328 models in 1930, the 507 in 1950 or the 1800Ti in 1960. In the 1970s, the world's motor racing scene became increasingly popular and sports cars gained in importance among this enthusiastic public. This led to the creation of BMW Motorsport GmbH, a separate specialist company within the BMW Group.
From the very beginning of the company, which was founded in 1972, cars with the "M" badge were always the favorites in competitions, for example the 3.0 CSL (today's collector's car), and it didn't take long for this craze to spread beyond the "mere" racetrack. The brand's customers wanted to enjoy these sports cars every day and have a dynamic and playful car that perfectly reflected the world of motorsport. The M Motorsport factories responded with their first production models such as the BMW M1, M535i, M5 or M635CSi, whose behavior was synonymous with agility, elegance and safety.
In 1986, the most emblematic model of the brand appeared, the BMW M3, which sold extremely well because it was one of the pioneers in the market of sports coupes. Afterwards, M Motorsport was able to adapt to the demand by offering cars from the sportiest to the most functional, such as the M5 and the M5 Touring (family station wagon) to reach all types of people.
Today, the German sports car brand has also moved into a more luxury car segment with the M6, the brand's top of the range. To complete its market segments, M Motorsport gave birth to the Z3 and Z4 for example, which offer sportiness without compromise with the pleasure of the convertible, M Motorsport is able to offer a model for a specific desire.
M Motorsport goes beyond the "simple" car manufacturer by offering aerodynamic kits, steering wheels, running gear, seats, etc., which can be recognized today by the "M Pack" offered by BMW.
In short, the number of employees in the factories has not stopped growing and the BMW M Motorsport company has not stopped evolving its field of activity.
As a result of the many developments, the company wanted its "M" badge to be the most powerful in the world and to become a symbol, so it renamed the company to "BMW M GmbH". To discover a world of pure sportiness, AR Performance offers you to rent our BMW M2, a compact car with a strong character. Thanks to our sports car and its 370hp turbocharged inline 6-cylinder engine, you will understand and feel behind the wheel what the "M" efficiency is through the country roads of our beautiful region (Rennes, Dinard, La Baule, Vannes...) and why the brand is known and recognized throughout the world.