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Company seminar / Automotive team building

You are looking for an original seminar idea: choose the automotive seminar!
Do you need a fun, friendly and exceptional activity?
You are sure to leave a lasting impression on all your employees!
How to forget a company seminar in a supercar?

Seminars and team buildings are there to reinforce team cohesion.
Take advantage of an atypical setting by associating the professional and playful side of a day's driving experience in supercars.
Give a smile and pleasure to your employees, customers or prospects with an exceptional day in a luxury car in Rennes.
You want a tailor-made corporate event? We are here to answer your request.
We will do our best to make you and your employees, customers, suppliers... live an exceptional day.
Take the wheel of the mythical Ferrari 458 Italia, the prestigious McLaren 570 GT, the well-known Audi R8 or the beastly Jaguar F-Type...

Within a company, team cohesion and good coordination guarantee better productivity. That's why it's important to ensure a good atmosphere between employees at the workplace.
For this reason, we offer you an exceptional day, take the wheel of a sports car for a driving experience on the road.
We guarantee you a pure moment of sharing and conviviality.

During a company seminar, the most important thing is not to put forward the competition between the participants, but to stimulate the team spirit and to reinforce the cohesion of the group.

Come and live a unique experience with AR Performance.

Why not opt for an automobile baptism for your team building?
It is true that within a company, employees can be under stress and pressure, and this can cause internal tensions.
In order to get out of the ordinary, to create a synergy and to reinforce the links between your employees, it is important to set up collective activities within the company.
If the duration and frequency of the seminar can vary from one company to another, it still meets very specific strategic objectives.
The corporate seminar is an essential management tool to help your company progress, achieve multiple objectives and get out of the usual framework in order to stimulate the creativity and productivity of your employees. It will then be possible to promote communication between them and to reinforce their feeling of belonging to a group as well as to their company.
The organization of a corporate seminar or an event cannot be improvised. It can quickly become tedious and time consuming.

In order to answer a growing demand, we have set up a new concept unique in the region, the automotive seminar.
AR Performance offers you a turnkey solution to make your customers or employees experience a rare moment around the world of cars. A solution that is meant to federate and create new links.
Mechanics is one of the most appreciated sectors in France. This activity brings together millions of enthusiasts throughout the world. Organizing a car team building is a real asset for your company that will put people back at the heart of it, re-establish contact between them and put everyone in agreement.
The participants take the wheel of our prestigious cars accompanied by our teams, the opportunity for them to benefit from advice, then go on a rally on the roads and change vehicles during short breaks to discover our entire range. We work with many exceptional models, so you can discover a wide variety of luxury vehicles such as Lamborghini, Mclaren, Ferrari, Porsche, Aston Martin, Bentley, Maserati, Jaguar or even Mercedes!
Surprisingly, when it comes to getting behind the wheel of these legendary cars, it's not really about motivating the group, but rather about channeling the enthusiasm of the participants. The route and the destinations are carefully chosen so that all participants live an unforgettable experience. It is also an opportunity to discover or rediscover our beautiful region in a new light.
Take advantage of a unique and atypical setting by combining the professionalism and the playful side of a day of driving, to your communication operation. You are sure to reach your objectives and to delight your collaborators.

With our experience in event organization and impeccable organization, we design this automotive seminar in collaboration with you to make your event memorable and to arouse the enthusiasm of the participants in complete safety.
A long-term investment that will prove to be fruitful for your company.

For more information, contact us by phone.
Sincerely, the AR Performance team