Photo Escapade L.A ! La Loire Atlantique


From Rennes it will take 1 hour to reach Nantes with your sports car rental. Capital of the Loire Atlantique, Nantes is a dynamic, cultural and historical city.
You must visit the Dukes of Brittany Castle, the Machines de l'Île or the numerous concert halls and shows: Le Lieu Unique, Le Zenith, Sterolux or Théâtre Graslin.
After a break from shopping and museums, it's time to get back behind the wheel of your Aston Martin or Audi, heading for La Baule - Presqu'île de Guérande.
La Baule, one of our favorite seaside resorts, is a concentrate of assets: a large sandy beach, restaurants and hotels of quality, a superb golf course and a city center rich in commerce and entertainment. Tip: if you are not in Rennes, think about asking for the delivery option of your luxury car rental at home. Our teams can deliver your vehicle directly to Nantes or La Baule to save you time. Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions.