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Car Import

AR Performance is a specialist in importing in Europe.
We import a large number of vehicles every month. We have partners all over Europe: in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Italy, Poland ...
We have selected the best suppliers in terms of quality, experience, delivery time and price. Once these vehicles are on French soil, we systematically carry out a technical control, and we guarantee all our vehicles for 6 months (warranty extension possible).

Thanks to our team of professionals, passionate we import many vehicles every month. Our sales team is very versatile and speaks English, German and Italian, which facilitates our exchanges.

We have a very precise process during the importation of our vehicles. We collect all the maintenance documents (service book and invoices) to ensure the aesthetic and technical quality of the vehicles we import.
Our objective? To offer you a vehicle that corresponds perfectly to your expectations, in terms of mileage, engine, color, finishes and options.

We accompany you throughout your purchase.
We take care of everything:
● Search
● Negotiation
● Purchase
● Sale
● Delivery
● Handover of keys
● Administrative management
● Temporary registration
● Final registration

Don't wait, contact us to make your dream come true!