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At the origin of the brand, we find two men, William Lyons and William Walmsley who create at the base a company of body Swallow Coachbuilding in 1922.
At the beginning, this company, Swalow sidecar company, only proposed a production of aluminium body for sidecars, a world a little far from what became the brand today. But their skills as bodybuilders led them to create their first car, which they called "SSI", and that's how their first success came. Following this first car, Lyons and Walmsley gave birth to what was officially the first "Jaguar" of a brand originally named SS the first sedan of the brand was launched in 1935.
Following the success of their first cars, the two partners decide to produce a sporty model known as Jaguar SS100, thanks to this car the brand grows quickly and gains notoriety following numerous victories in car competitions.
The name "Jaguar" that we all know, arrives only in 1945 because the name SS present in the foundations of the brand must disappear for political reasons. Thus, Jaguar is established as a brand manufacturer of luxury cars, sports, high-end.
Jaguar from its beginnings in competition wins the mythical 24H du Mans race several times during the 1950s with the Jaguar type C and then the type D.
In 1960, Jaguar became the British "godfather" by acquiring first the very high end manufacturer "Daimler", then in 1961 the truck manufacturer "GUY" and finally the engine manufacturers Meadows and Coventry Climax. After having grouped together different companies to have the best possible skills, Williams Lyons decides to merge Jaguar with the BMC group in which we find the manufacturers Austin, Austin Healey, Morris, MG, Riley and Wolseley. This new group is named BMH in 1966 (previously independent, the company is now nationalized). Finally, in 1968 BMH, merged with "Leyland" (English car manufacturer) to form British Leyland. It is after 1986 that Jaguar showed itself more than up to the task by presenting their Jaguar XJ which remains for many the ultimate Jaguar which combines modernism, traditions and comfort, a DNA which represents perfectly the brand.
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