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McLaren 675LT, la perfection sur route comme sur circuit. 
McLaren 675LT, perfection on the road and on the track. 
Released in 2015, the McLaren 675LT is the lightest, most driver-focused and most prestigious production supercar ever built. The 1997 McLaren F1 GTR Longtail was the evolution of the Le Mans-crowned...
Monday 27 June
La BMW M4, l’équilibre parfait entre confort et sportivité !
The BMW M4, the perfect balance between comfort and sportiness!
Presented at the Detroit Auto Show in 2014, the BMW M4 is based on the 4 series of the German manufacturer BMW. The M in Motorsport ex General Motors, a subsidiary of BMW created in 1972 during the Munich...
Friday 24 June
Aston Martin Valkyrie : La plus rapide des voitures ?
Aston Martin Valkyrie: The fastest car ever?
Inspired by the typical Formula 1 car, the Valkyrie is a two-door two-seater coupe created in collaboration with Redbull Advanced Technologies for a project named AM-RB 001. Presented at the 2019 Geneva...
Tuesday 21 June
FERRARI 488 PISTA, l'art de l'automobile
FERRARI 488 PISTA, the art of the automobile
The history of the 488 Pista   The Ferrari 488 Pista is the radical version of the 488 GTB. It was presented at the Geneva International Motor Show on 21 February 2018. This Ferrari features...
Friday 17 June
Maserati Ghibli, la berline sportive
Maserati Ghibli, the sporty sedan
The Maserati Ghibli III is a sedan designed by the Italian car manufacturer Maserati. It was presented at the Shanghai Motor Show in 2013. It is the first Maserati sedan smaller in size than the Quattroporte,...
Monday 13 June
Le « petit dernier » de Tesla : le Model Y
California-based automaker Tesla, led by Elon Musk, is offering cutting-edge green solutions.  Tesla presents in March 2019 its latest model, a high-end compact electric SUV: the Model Y Long Range....
Thursday 09 June
Audi RS4
Audi RS4
Heir to the famous RS2, the RS4 is the epitome of a sports car. The Audi RS4 is the descendant of a line of outstanding sports wagons. The original goal was to create the fastest station wagon in...
Friday 20 May
Les occasions parfaites pour louer une voiture de prestige
The perfect occasions to rent a prestige car
Do you have an event and want to take the wheel of a prestigious car? Whether it is professional or personal, agencies are there to accompany you from start to finish, including the choice of vehicles,...
Monday 23 May
Partez à l'aventure au volant du Porsche Cayenne !
Go on an adventure at the wheel of the Porsche Cayenne!
The Porsche Cayenne, the top-of-the-range SUV of the German manufacturer Porsche, presented at the 2002 World Motor Show, has become a must-have for the Porsche brand. This Porsche was a real revolution...
Monday 23 May
La boîte noire, maintenant obligatoire dans votre voiture ?
The black box, now mandatory in your car?
Have you ever heard of black boxes? If you have, it is probably in the field of aviation. A black box, or flight recorder, is a system that records data and parameters just before an accident to find out...
Wednesday 11 May
Monday 09 May
Quelles sont les conditions pour louer une voiture de luxe ?
What are the conditions to rent a luxury car?
Terms and conditions for sports and luxury car hire   If you want to treat yourself to a prestigious car without breaking the bank, luxury car hire is the solution. Whether you want to rent...
Tuesday 03 May
Quel type de voiture de luxe choisir pour une location ?
What type of luxury car to choose for a rental?
You are planning to rent a luxury car, but you don't know what type of vehicle to choose? Whether it's for a long or short term rental, AR Performance has a large choice of vehicles, allowing...
Monday 09 May
Range Rover Sport : ce luxueux SUV au design unique
Range Rover Sport: the luxury SUV with a unique design
The Range Rover Sport is the sportier version of the Range Rover. Indeed, it is even the most dynamic Range Rover. This luxury sports car was designed by the British car manufacturer Land Rover and was...
Tuesday 26 April
LE MANS CLASSIC - 10 ème éditions
LE MANS CLASSIC - 10th edition
The 10th edition of Le Mans Classic will be held on June 30, July 1, 2 and 3, 2022 in the Sarthe on the great circuit of the 24 Hours of Le Mans. The famous event Le Mans Classic is a retrospective...
Monday 11 April
Comment choisir son assurance auto ?
How to choose your car insurance ?
Are you buying or leasing a new car? Or do you want to change your car insurance?  AR Performance is here to help you! Here are 9 key criteria to help you choose your car insurance: The level...
Monday 11 April
Reprogrammation éthanol : une solution à l’actuelle flambée des prix à la pompe ?
Ethanol reprogramming: a solution to the current spike in pump prices?
Since the explosion of fuel prices, biofuel is increasingly popular with motorists. Indeed, its consumption has increased by 33% in 2021. Superethanol E85 therefore seems to be a very good alternative...
Wednesday 30 March
Ferrari 360 Modena
Ferrari 360 Modena
At the 1999 Geneva Motor Show, Ferrari unveiled the replacement for the F355, the famous 360 Modena. Gone are the angular lines, gone are the curves! As you may have guessed, the 360 Modena is a luxury...
Thursday 03 March
Ferrari F12, au service de la performance !
Ferrari F12, at the service of performance!
The Ferrari F12 Berlinetta or F12 is a grand touring sports car produced by the Italian automaker Ferrari. The model was unveiled to the general public in February 2012. It replaces the Ferrari 599 GTB...
Monday 21 February
Porsche 718 Cayman taillée pour le circuit
Porsche 718 Cayman made for the track
It was in 2016 that the German manufacturer Porsche unveiled its new sports coupe, the Cayman 718. This fourth generation of this mid-engine sports coupe, is more striking, sportier and more efficient. The...
Tuesday 15 February
Porsche Taycan
Porsche Taycan
2021 marks a turning point for Porsche. The German manufacturer has sold more Taycans than 911s in one year worldwide. That year, Porsche sold a total of 41,296 units of Taycan. Exceeding the initial...
Wednesday 02 February
McLaren 600LT, l’art de l’automobile
McLaren 600LT, the art of the automobile
The 600LT is a supercar from British carmaker McLaren Automotive. It is the third so-called LT model for Long Tail of the carmaker and the most powerful version of the "Sports Series" family...
Thursday 27 January
Supra, l’historique
Supra, the history
The Toyota Supra is a GT car produced by the Japanese car manufacturer Toyota. It was produced mainly from 1979 to 2002 and then got a makeover in 2019. In total, this series of cars will have known 5...
Tuesday 25 January
Mercedes AMG GTS
Mercedes AMG GTS
In 2016, Mercedes announced its new model that replaced the SLS. A difficult bet after this so legendary model that we remind you took the gullwing doors of the Mercedes 300sl. It is the Mercedes AMG...
Wednesday 19 January
Audi RSQ8 de l'espace et du sport
Audi RSQ8 of space and sport
The RSQ8 comes directly from the same family as the Lamborghini Urus, belonging to the class of vehicle that can be described as oversized and that can boast to interest the most skeptical of SUVs. And...
Monday 17 January
Aston Martin DB11 V12 AMR
Aston Martin DB11 V12 AMR
Today we are going to talk about a rather prestigious model, the DB11 V12 AMR for Aston Martin Racing. The name already makes your mouth water. This AMR gains 30 horsepower compared to the DB11 and benefits...
Thursday 13 January
Range Rover SVR
Range Rover SVR
Here is a Range Rover, but not just any Range Rover, the SVR, the one that develops 550 horsepower, the most powerful and sporty Range Rover ever built. You're probably wondering why they put such...
Monday 10 January
Mclaren 720s
Mclaren 720s
The history of McLaren is not insignificant. Founded by Bruce McLaren in 1966, the brand quickly entered F1. Over the last 50 years, the team has won 12 World Drivers' Championship titles, ahead of...
Wednesday 22 December
Ford Mustang
Ford Mustang
The 6 th generation Mustang arrived in Europe from 2015, the first tests were already very optimistic about the success of the model on the European market. Despite this, it still lacked a little bit of...
Friday 17 December
Une bête de course camouflée en citadine
A racing beast disguised as a city car
The new Mercedes AMG A45s has arrived. For the creation, Mercedes started from a blank sheet of paper to demonstrate once again their ability to design a super-sporty vehicle. With the arrival of the A45s,...
Monday 06 December
Ferrari 488 GTB
Ferrari 488 GTB
The 488 GTB is powered by a 3.9-liter twin-turbocharged V8 with 670 horsepower. Few engines give us such an impression of power. The level of acceleration that the 488 GTB can achieve is astounding,...
Thursday 25 November
Lamborghini Huracan Spyder
Lamborghini Huracan Spyder
Lamborghini is an Italian car manufacturer born in 1963 in Sant'Agata Bolognese. The company began by specializing in the construction and marketing of tractors. The objective was to meet...
Monday 15 November
Tesla Model X 90D, vers l’infini et au-delà, Le SUV du futur !
Tesla Model X 90D, to infinity and beyond, the SUV of the future!
The Model X is the third car of the Californian brand, Tesla started with the Roadster marketed in 2008 and then with the Model S which allowed it to position the brand in the automotive landscape. First...
Thursday 04 November
Jaguar F-Type, toujours aussi bestiale
Jaguar F-Type, as beastly as ever
Jaguar, whose official name is "Jaguar Cars Ltd", is a car manufacturer of sports and luxury cars. The brand was founded in Coventry, England in 1922. Jaguar became part of the Jaguar Land...
Thursday 04 November
Porsche Boxster GTS une petite bombe
Porsche Boxster GTS a little bomb
The Boxster is a model of the famous German manufacturer, Porsche. It is from 1996 that this sport model is born. There are several generations of Boxster, 4 more exactly: the very first ones are called...
Thursday 04 November
Les Porsche 911 : mythiques sportives qui ne prennent aucune ride
The Porsche 911: legendary sports cars that never get old
Ferdinand Porsche was born in September 1875 and had the dream of making the best selling car in the world. In 1930 he set up his own design office and created the first Porsche type 32 and type 60: small...
Thursday 04 November
Louer une voiture de sport en cryptomonnaie
Rent a sports car in cryptomonnaie
If you have Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, you can use them to buy the car of your dreams. AR Performance is exclusively offering you the opportunity to rent a luxury car in cryptomonnaie. Anyone...
Thursday 04 November
Une supercar dans un break familial ? Audi l’a fait ! 
A supercar in a family wagon? Audi has done it! 
Today we are talking about the Audi RS6.  It is simply the sporty version of the Audi A6. The RS6 is a model that combines comfort, safety, sportiness and aesthetics. In short, a versatile car. It...
Thursday 04 November
La nouvelle BMW M5 Compétition
The new BMW M5 Competition
New BMW M5 Competition: 625 hp, a real high-speed train on the road The new M5, like all other M// models, is a mythical model and has long been the sports sedan par excellence. Since 1985, the M5 has...
Thursday 04 November
Ferrari SF90 Stradale, la plus puissante des Ferrari ?
Ferrari SF90 Stradale, the most powerful Ferrari ?
The SF90 "Stradale" which means "road" in Italian is a plug-in hybrid supercar produced by Italian carmaker Ferrari. Launched in Maranello in 2019, the name refers to the 90-year...
Thursday 04 November
Pagani, une histoire de puissance.
Pagani, a history of power.
Today, a little detour to Italy to introduce you to the Italian super sports car manufacturer Pagani. Founded in 1992 by Horacio Pagani, this company is located near Modena in Italy. At the beginning,...
Thursday 04 November
Maserati MC 20, une nouvelle ère pour le Trident.
Maserati MC 20, a new era for the Trident.
Today Ar Performance offers you to discover a new jewel. The Maserati MC20! Assembled in Modena, Italy, this new Maserati presents the new era of the brand which allows to restore its blazon. The logo...
Thursday 04 November
Classe G plus luxueux et plus performant
G-Class more luxurious and more powerful
The G-Class has a particular history since it was originally a military vehicle, but the customers of the German manufacturer Mercedes Benz fell in love with this all-terrain model. Mercedes Benz decided...
Thursday 04 November
Bugatti émerveille le monde de l'automobile
Bugatti amazes the automotive world
For more than a century, Bugatti has amazed the automotive world with its many mythical models. From its beginnings during the Second World War with its railcars and tanks to today with the Chiron or the...
Thursday 04 November
Porsche Macan, compact mais puissant.
Porsche Macan, compact but powerful.
This SUV has been part of the Porsche automaker's family since 2014. Today, it is the brand's best-selling SUV. Previously called "Cajun" for Cayenne Junior, it was a big hit from the...
Thursday 04 November
Audi RS7 sportback, l’avion de chasse est là
Audi RS7 sportback, the fighter jet is here
First seen at the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show, the RS7 is built on the basis of the Audi A7, but in a sporty version. It is a 5-door coupe with very high performance. This sedan has a 4-liter twin-turbo...
Thursday 04 November
Lotus Evora, petite mais puissante !
Lotus Evora, small but powerful!
The Lotus Evora is one of the models of the British manufacturer Lotus. Innovative, because it represents the novelty of the brand. It is better known in the automotive world as "Project Eagle",...
Thursday 04 November
24h du Mans : redécouvrons les modèles mythiques
24h of Le Mans: rediscover the mythical models
The 24 hours of Le Mans are much more than just a race. This endurance competition is today mythical as well as some of the models that participated in it. Porsche, Audi, Mercedes, but also the French;...
Thursday 04 November
Ferrari Purosangue : et si le futur SUV Ferrari était électrique ?
Ferrari Purosangue: what if the future Ferrari SUV was electric?
For years, the SUV has been making its mark in cities and in the countryside. It is the perfect combination of comfort and space. It is often found in a sporty form like those of German, English and Italian...
Thursday 04 November
Alpine A 110 S, plus sportive encore !
Alpine A 110 S, even sportier!
Alpine A 110 S, even sportier! The Alpines are French sports cars developed by the car manufacturer Renaud. Two years after the release of the new Alpine A110, it's the turn of the "S"...
Thursday 04 November
Nissan GTR
Nissan GTR
The myth of the Nissan Skyline GTR has rocked our childhood, today this vehicle still fascinates us as much. Originally, the Skyline was not a Nissan, but a Prince. It was in 1957 that Shinichiro Sakurai...
Thursday 04 November
Aston Martin DBX : le SUV de luxe
Aston Martin DBX: the luxury SUV
For a very long time, Aston Martin has been making people dream with its luxurious and very modern models. In movies as well as in real life, Aston Martin has always had this image of a discreet, noble...
Thursday 04 November
BMW M3 G80, une allure qui ne laisse personne indifférent
BMW M3 G80, a look that leaves no one indifferent
The BMW M3 G80 is the 6th generation of BMW and it marks a real turning point in the history of the brand. The M3 is a mythical model since 1986 for the most passionate among us, with its phases E30, E36,...
Thursday 04 November
765 LT, LA  “super serie
765 LT, THE "super series
We thought McLaren had reached its peak with the 720s, but this new supercar is not. The 765 LT from McLaren is a supercar from the "super series" and "long tail" range. It is mainly...
Thursday 04 November
AC COBRA, une marque mythique.
AC COBRA, a mythical brand.
For the little story, Cobra was born thanks to Carroll Shelby, a racing driver who wished to develop a racing car that could beat the Ferraris in the GT categories, in car racing. He then found AC Bristol,...
Monday 08 November
Porsche Boxster Spyder 981
Porsche Boxster Spyder 981
What could be better than a convertible with this sunny weather arriving on our Breton coasts. And what could be better when it's a Porsche Boxster? This small two doors and two seats convertible...
Monday 08 November
Bentley Bentayga, le restylage à l’Anglaise.
Bentley Bentayga, the English restyling.
Designed in 2015, this British SUV was first unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show that same year. Inspired by a Roque from the Canary Islands, the Bentayga rock gives its name to this SUV. The petrol engine...
Monday 08 November
Golf GTE, une GTI verte.
Golf GTE, a green GTI.
The launch of the new Golf 8 has allowed Volkswagen to electrify its models. No less than 3 models with an electric motor have appeared. We see the eTSI, a light hybrid, the eHybrid and especially...
Monday 08 November
Abarth, d’une marque à un préparateur sportif.
Abarth, from a brand to a sports tuner.
Abarth belongs today to the Stellantis group, a merger of FCA and PSA, it is an Italian car preparer, founded in 1949 in Turin by Carlo Abarth. This man is the founder of Abarth, which today builds and...
Monday 08 November
Jaguar Type E, l’élégance à l’anglaise.
Jaguar E-Type, English elegance.
The E-Type is a sports car produced by the British car manufacturer, Jaguar. Built in the 60s and 70s, it was officially presented at the Geneva Motor Show on March 15, 1961. The Jaguar E-Type comes...
Monday 08 November
Louez une voiture de luxe, pour le plus beau jour de votre vie !
Rent a luxury car for the most beautiful day of your life!
Summer is coming and we know that the wedding is a very important day and that every detail is important. That's why AR Performance offers its services of renting high-end vehicles for special events.  Gt...
Monday 08 November
Le Urus, agressif mais pratique
The Urus, aggressive but practical
Today we present you the Urus, an SUV vehicle from the prestigious Italian automaker Lamborghini, unveiled in December 2017. The Urus is the first Super Sport Utility Vehicle, combining both the soul of...
Monday 08 November
Maserati Levante Trofeo
Maserati Levante Trofeo
The word "Levante" refers to the history of the Italian brand as it was the name of the street where the Maserati brothers decided to start their car business, but, it is also the name of a wind...
Monday 08 November
Corvette C8, une hypercar abordable
Corvette C8, an affordable hypercar
Today Ar performance presents the eighth generation of the Chevrolet brand, the Corvette C8. Coming from the United States, the Chevrolet brand was founded in 1911, then bought in 1918 by General Motors,...
Monday 08 November
McLaren Senna
McLaren Senna
The McLaren Senna was not intended to be the most luxurious or the most powerful car, but it was intended to be the fastest and the most efficient on the road. But why the name Senna? It's simply...
Monday 08 November
Aston Martin Victor
Aston Martin Victor
Aston Martin, known for its famous models, actors in James Bond, is a luxurious English brand. It was founded in 1913 by Lionel Martin and Rober Bamford. The name "Aston Martin" comes from its...
Monday 08 November
Histoire de la M3 : de ses débuts en 1986 à aujourd’hui
History of the M3: from its debut in 1986 to today
The M3 appeared in the 80's and competed with Mercedes which was taking more and more place in the car world with competition models also homologated on the road. That's when the M3 arrived. In...
Monday 08 November
La Golf 8R
La Golf 8R
This new version of the Golf, the 8R model, leaves no one indifferent! The new front bumper with its blade grille and its front spoiler, its side wings or its LED light strip make all the charm and...
Monday 08 November
Audi RS6 : Performance absolue 
Audi RS6 : Absolute performance 
The Audi RS6, a variation of the A6, is a sports car but above all an exceptional car. You will be seduced by the great versatility of the model but also by its incredible performance. It must be said...
Monday 08 November
BMW, le plaisir de conduire
BMW, the pleasure of driving
Driving a car means being in control, feeling free.  But with a BMW, it's not just a feeling anymore. Thanks to the famous German brand, they are at the forefront of technology in terms of...
Monday 08 November
L’Audi RS5 : Une déclinaison sportive de la fameuse Audi A5
The Audi RS5 : A sporty variation of the famous Audi A5
After the A5 and S5 models, Audi reveals the RS5 coupe. The Audi RS5 is a luxury vehicle that offers an unforgettable and premium experience in terms of its equipment. RS means "rennsport"...
Monday 08 November
Les différentes applications de télémétrie automobile pour smartphone
The different automotive telemetry applications for smartphone
Thanks to telemetry applications, you won't miss anything on the track.  Telemetry is a new technology that consists in measuring and collecting very precise data on the circuits and on the...
Monday 08 November
Bentley : son histoire jusqu’à ses 200 000 voitures produites
Bentley: its history up to 200,000 cars produced
Bentley recently celebrated its 100th anniversary and this family-owned company, founded in 1919, is much more than mythical. Produced near London, the models of the British manufacturer are known and...
Monday 08 November
Mercedes EQS, modèle 100% électrique : première mondiale le 15 avril
Mercedes EQS, 100% electric model: world premiere on April 15
Mercedes announces the date of presentation of the new Mercedes EQS. The 100% electric version of the S class will be released on April 15! The model is becoming more precise, after having unveiled...
Monday 08 November
La Porsche 356 Speedster : Idéale pour un road trip cet été
The Porsche 356 Speedster: Ideal for a road trip this summer
The weather is starting to get nice, the sun is coming out, the desire for a vacation is present.  An ideal moment to take out a beautiful convertible.  So why not opt for a Porsche 356...
Monday 08 November
Le salon Rétromobile annulé pour 2021
The Rétromobile show cancelled for 2021
It's not a surprise... Initially scheduled last February but rescheduled in June 2021 because of the Covid-19 crisis, the 2021 edition of the Rétromobile show, dedicated to vintage and collectible...
Monday 08 November
Vous cherchez une berline spacieuse et confortable ? Louez notre Porsche Panamera 4S
Looking for a spacious and comfortable sedan? Rent our Porsche Panamera 4S
Looking for a spacious and comfortable sedan? Rent our Porsche Panamera 4S The Porsche Panamera, does not leave us indifferent since its release in 2009. The first sedan signed by Porsche, had its own...
Monday 08 November
La GTC, la Bentley qui donne des ailes
The GTC, the Bentley that gives you wings
AR Performance presents you today a luxury vehicle that does not go unnoticed. It's not the brand that gives you wings but the one that has wings: Bentley Motors. Straight from England and founded...
Monday 08 November
La Lotus Elise 220 Sport, une expérience de conduite unique
The Lotus Elise 220 Sport, a unique driving experience
The Elise is an iconic model of the British brand Lotus, and marks a revival in the small sports car category when it came out in the 90s.  It is unique in its kind and offers amazing performance...
Monday 08 November
La mythique Audi RS3 Gris Nardo
The mythical Audi RS3 Nardo Grey
Today, we present you one of our favorite sports car and just arrived in our showroom: the Audi RS3 Gris Nardo.  At first glance, we see the profile of an Audi A3, but when you look inside, the...
Monday 08 November
Un nouveau visage Peugeot
A new face for Peugeot
The car manufacturer Peugeot has changed the appearance of its iconic feline. For Peugeot, this new year will be marked by the launch of its new 308, but not only. The brand is also unveiling its brand...
Monday 08 November
La légendaire R8
The legendary R8
AR Performance offers you today a new car, a German one, the Audi R8. This car is far from being the most recent and the most powerful on the market, and yet it is legendary. For the record, when it...
Monday 08 November
La mythique Ferrari 458 Italia
The mythical Ferrari 458 Italia
The Ferrari 458 Italia is the successor to the F430 and was produced in 20,000 units between 2009 and 2015. Under the sporty curves, this car hides a powerful 4.5-liter naturally aspirated V8 engine developing...
Monday 08 November
La C63 S, la Mercedes qui arrache le bitume
The C63 S, the Mercedes that tears up the pavement
AR Performance presents today the Mercedes-AMG C 63 S. It is considered as the biggest rival of the BMW M3. This sporty sedan is a real wild beast. The C 63 S AMG, as its name indicates, is above all...
Monday 08 November
Verseau Lavage, un partenaire de qualité
Verseau Lavage, a quality partner
AR Performance presents today its car wash partner for its high-end vehicles. Thanks to Verseau Lavage, no more weekend chores with the hose. The French go through the car wash process about six times...
Monday 08 November
La McLaren 570S
La McLaren 570S
Today, your AR Performance agency in Rennes offers you a superb high-end luxury vehicle for short or long term rental. It is a unique model, straight from England: the magnificent McLaren 570S, both fast...
Monday 08 November
Une compacte sportive très appréciée, la Golf 7R.
A very popular sporty compact, the Golf 7R.
Today, we present you the latest arrival in our showroom, a very popular sporty compact car, the Golf 7R. At first sight, we see the profile of a Golf 7, but when you look at it, you realize that it...
Monday 08 November
Notre nouveau Cayenne S
Our new Cayenne S
Your AR Performance agencies offer you different high-end vehicles for sale or rent. Sports cars, sedans or even coupes, there is something for everyone. If you have the opportunity to visit the capital...
Monday 08 November
Location Jaguar F-Type SVR à Rennes
Jaguar F-Type SVR rental in Rennes
Your AR Performance agency in Rennes offers you today, for sale or rent, a top-of-the-range and sporty vehicle: the famous and magnificent Jaguar F-Type SVR. SVO has bet big with this brand new sports...
Monday 08 November
Notre nouveau showroom !
Our new showroom !
AR Performance, formerly Rennes Auto Prestige, continues to grow and is now expanding internationally. We import a large majority of our vehicles from the Netherlands, Germany and Italy. We offer you various...
Monday 08 November
Séminaire automobile, une solution clé en main
Automotive seminar, a turnkey solution
Dear leaders and human resources managers, are you experiencing difficulties in creating a team spirit? The motivation and involvement of your employees is not 100%? Rennes Auto Prestige will do its best...
Monday 08 November