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Rent our McLaren
570S Spider
icon siege auto 2 seats
icon boite de vitesse Automatic
icon turbo 570 HP
icon compteur 328km/h
icon chronometre 3,3 sec.

Prices :

(24h / 150 kms )

1990 €

2 Days
(48h / 300 kms )

3580 €

3 Days
(72h / 450 kms )

5070 €

1 week
(7j / 1050 kms )

9750 €

1 month

On request


20 000 €

McLaren 570S Spider

570 HP - 2 seats

McLaren 570S Spider : The little F1!

AR Performance presents a model straight from England: the superb McLaren 570S. "S" for sport, because this versatile supercar is equipped with a twin-turbo V8 that goes very high in the revs. Even better, it's available in its nice Spider version from AR Performance, to enjoy the vocalizations of the V8 hair in the wind!

This McLaren is an extremely powerful sports car. Its twin-turbo V8 and its 570 hp offer some of the most incredible performances on the market today. It also has a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission. It will take only 3.3 seconds for this sports car to go from 0 to 100 km/h, which means you'll be pinned to your seat at the slightest pressure on the right pedal! As far as fuel consumption is concerned, it is 10.7 l/100 km, a reasonable figure made possible thanks to the 2 turbochargers of our McLaren's V8. Spectacular from all angles, this aerodynamic car is an ideal compromise between performance and comfort, it has what it takes to make many German and Italian sports cars blush. With only 1,440 kilos on the scale, the handling of this 570S Spider is exemplary and very reassuring. What makes this beautiful English car stand out is, above all, its gigantic elytra doors! This always has an effect. The bodywork is 100% made of carbon fiber, the ergonomics are very well designed and there are some new details: a cup holder, storage space in the doors, an improved field of vision, a touch screen that is very easy to use and a dashboard that has been simplified to the extreme, displaying only the essentials such as the speed or the engine speed. The McLaren 570S Spider also features a "dynamic" mode that completely frees the car's exhausts and allows it to express itself at full capacity.

So don't wait any longer and rent this superb sports car for a weekend to drive and even challenge the roads in complete safety. You will be surprised by the performance of this supercar straight from our British friends.

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