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Rent our Porsche
981 Boxster GTS
icon siege auto 2 seats
icon boite de vitesse Automatic
icon turbo 330 HP
icon compteur 278km/h
icon chronometre 4,7 sec.

Prices :

(24h / 200 kms )

589 €

2 Days
(48h / 500 kms )

1060 €

3 Days
(72h / 750 kms )

1500 €

1 week
(7j / 1750 kms )

2880 €

1 month

On request


8 000 €

Porsche 981 Boxster GTS

330 HP - 2 seats

The accessible sporty convertible: The Porsche Boxster

Little sister of the Porsche Cayman, and unique roadster of the brand known to all, is the perfect little bomb to have fun on the roads of our beautiful Breton coast. The model that AR Performance offers you today is the Boxster GTS, the most powerful and efficient of the range, it is the neck plus ultra for any enthusiast in search of thrills!

Climb aboard and discover this leather-clad cockpit. A traditional turn of the key to the left to start the 3.4L Flat 6 derived from the Boxster S, and make way for the intoxicating sound of this engine. Its melody will make you want to accelerate just for the fun of it, you'll just have to appreciate the work of the German engineers on the exhaust system to generate a deeper and more raucous sound. The sound of the Flat 6 is even more impressive after exceeding 4,000 rpm. On the road, our Boxster is very agile thanks to its chassis that responds to the finger and eye. It has been completely reworked compared to the previous generation to lose weight while increasing rigidity. The running gear has also evolved, allowing for efficient handling and comfort. Our sports car is equipped with the very efficient PDK gearbox that allows the gears to be shifted on the fly, the pleasure of driving has never been so intense! In terms of performance, our Boxster GTS reaches 100 km/h in 4.7 seconds. This Porsche, in addition to its playful engine, has a very powerful and advanced braking system, these are very powerful ventilated and drilled discs, pinched by 4-piston calipers.

Imagine yourself at the wheel of our roadster, with your hair blowing in the sun, with the sound of Porsche as music! All this while visiting our beautiful region (Nantes, Vannes, La Baule, Saint Malo, Brest...). With our sports car, we propose you to discover the magnificent Cap d'Erquy which abounds in wild beaches. This place will make you appreciate the secrets of a fauna and a flora as rich as amazing.

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